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Dieting Sucks.

Let's face it: who wants to eat the same bland and repetitive meals for months on end, if not years?

Not to mention having to deal with the unbearable cake, cookie and ice cream cravings.

Choosing a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to mean sacrificing flavor or wrestling with your sweet tooth on a daily basis.

With high protein content to keep you full and the flavors of your favorite desserts, you can finally indulge without any of the guilt!

Our Story

From College Roommates...

Another day, another serving of chicken, rice and veggies. The cycle seemed endless...

In a desperate attempt to curb our cravings, we tried all the various “high protein” snacks and desserts we could get our hands on, but still no buzz.

Enough was enough.

After years of bland dieting, we decided to create the high protein snack we had been desperately trying to find.

...To Muffin Men

When we both graduated from UC-Irvine, we immediately threw on our aprons and began experimenting in the kitchen.

After months of trial and error, we perfected our recipe - and its been one wild ride ever since!

We want to thank our loving customers for getting us this far and invite you to join us on the rest of this "bootyful" journey.  

Tristan & Rene - Founders of Bootylicious

Cool story guys...but where can I buy some?

Right here on our website!