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Dieting Sucks.

Let's face it: no one wants to battle their sweet tooth or eat the same boring meals everyday.

We know, we've been there.

In many desperate attempts to curb our cravings, we tried all the various “high protein” snacks and "healthy" desserts we could get our hands on, but no buzz. Only disappointment and chalky-whey aftertaste.

Enough was enough.

After years of bland dieting, we decided to create the clean and indulgent snack we had been desperately trying to find.

We've spent years in the kitchen to deliver the ultimate guilt-free indulgent experience.

That's what Bootylicious High Protein Muffins is all about.

Tristan & Rene
Co-founders of Bootylicious 

Cool story guys...but where can I buy some?

Right here on our website!