Proudly Manufactured in the USA

We’re Tristan and Rene - food entrepreneurs, fitness-enthusiasts, and best friends.

We met in college and immediately bonded over our shared passion for working out, dieting and eating food. Eventually we became roommates, which meant that we spent most of our days together - meal prepping, weight lifting, and binging on our favorite cheat meals. Normally we would follow a strict diet throughout the week, so when it came time to enjoy our days off...we never held back.

We had countless nights talking about how incredible it would be to indulge in sweet treats everyday but without dealing with the guilt associated with an overabundance of sugar and calories. So, we would scour our local supplement stores in search for that "perfect" sweet treat, but always came up short.

As we explored deeper into the industry, we realized that there was a huge disconnect between food companies and their health-conscious consumers. Specifically, we both saw that most protein snacks were either loaded in sugar or skimped out on protein. What’s the point of a “healthy” cookie if it contains 30 grams of sugar and over 400 calories? We knew we could make something better.

When we graduated from college in 2016, we went straight to work in the kitchen. Taste testing hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes for about two years. Finally we felt we had created our take on the "perfect guilt-free" treat we’d been searching for – a sweet decadent dessert, packed with protein, without all the unnecessary sugar and carbs. And that's the Bootylicious story in a nutshell! Making people's lives both healthy and enjoyable, one muffin at a time.